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Most families today feature either one parent or two parents that both have jobs. This means that it is likely that when your children reach school age, they will be coming home to an empty house and caring for themselves for at least a short period each day. While very young children should never be trusted to care for themselves or home on their own, older children are capable of staying home for short periods of time as long as they are well informed of home security and safety procedures.

To help you prepare your children for the responsibility of taking care of themselves, AJ’s mobile 24hr locksmiths in Homebush offer these tips for having a discussion before the first day your child will come home alone:

Give Your Child a Home Security Checklist
Walk your child through the home security procedures you expect him to perform as soon as he gets home every day. Put these steps on an easy-to-understand list that you print and post in an easily visible spot so that he is reminded of it daily. This list should include:
• Remember to bring your key inside
• Lock the doors
• Call a parent or other adult to let them know you have gotten home
• Do not unlock or open any windows, or use windows stops properly
• Do not open the door for anyone.

After you have made the list, have your child do a run through of what he will do when he arrives home from school. If you are concerned that the safety measures of your home are not adequate to properly protect your child when he is home alone, contact an emergency locksmith who is local to Homebush, This professional can come to your home, evaluating safety, and help you choose new locks or other means of safety so that you can feel confident your child will be secure.

P.S we are regularly doing lockouts in the area because of the high number of home units and rekeys so please give us a call if you are in such a situation, it won’t take us long to arrive with the help you need.

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